Friday, October 19, 2012

Creation and Success of a Mobile Application

Have you thought about creating your own mobile game application (app) for portable devices?  Do you know where to begin?  Do you know what makes them successful? 

 Ever-growing technology has opened the flood gates for many subtle or not so subtle changes in America’s culture as we know it.  These changes often create a dependency.  For example, can you remember a time when many of your friends or family did not own cell phones?  Portable devices are so ingrained into our culture that many people might have difficulty getting through the day without them. There are currently 1 billion smart phones in use today. Bloomberg estimates that number will double by the year 2015. (Yang, 2012).   With so many individuals using smart phones for business and personal use, it is no wonder that the demand for mobile apps has expanded exponentially.  The list of mobile apps and their uses grow each day.  These uses might vary greatly from individual to individual.  Keeping track of these apps can get overwhelming quickly.  As a developer, wouldn’t it be nice knowing how to create a mobile game and what it takes for it to be noticed in the mobile marketplace?  Each Generation of mobile devices has increased progressively in powerful hardware and software functions.  In turn, the latest generation devices always seem to raise the bar for potential in mobile games.

This blog will focus on the process of creating mobile games and the science behind making them successful.  I will offer a new blog entry every Friday afternoon.  My goal is to provide useful and reliable information to help individuals. 

References:  Yang, J.  (2012, Oct. 17).  Smartphones in Use Surpass 1 Billion, Will Double by 2015.  Retrieved from:


  1. Sounds great, I am looking forward reading your posts.

  2. Would you say that games such as Angry Birds are a large part of those apps? Also which app do you find to be the biggest?