Friday, October 26, 2012

Mobile Game Concept

Today's blog entry will feature the first step in creating a successful mobile game application (App):  

The first step involves choosing a concept for your mobile game.  Game concepts can range from very simple to complex.   Successful  mobile games do not require intense graphics to be popular.   For example, take a look at the popular game Words With Friends.  Newer mobile devices with increasingly powerful hardware create more opportunity for success with intense graphics.  Keep in mind that games using intense graphics could potentially take longer to develop than games using simple graphics.  A portion of your choice of the intensity of graphics may rest type/genre you choose for your game.  As you probably already know, there are many types of popular genres in mobile games today.   Some examples include:
  •  First person shooters
  •  Role playing
  • Action
  •  Puzzle
  •  Racing 
Each of the game genres may require different steps for the concept phase of development.  For example, a role playing game generally uses more complex story lines and 3D models compared to simple puzzle game. The game may include items such as style, design, complexity, story, etc.  Popular games such as Angry Birds has been successful in attracting all ages of players.  Angry Birds allows for simple play catering to an audience seeking brief distractions throughout their day.  A game that requires more time and skills which may result in the game being less popular by the public.  You as a developer will need to find the happy balance.  Content will play a role in the audience you seek as you develop your game.  ESRB provides content ratings for video games on a voluntary basis.  ESRB recommends all games to be rated due to some game sellers frowning upon unrated games.   Visit ESRB's FAQ for more information.

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