Thursday, November 8, 2012

Registering Yourself As a Developer

It is time to decide which platform you will make your game will be available now that you have decided on a genre and concept for your game.   It is possible for your game to be available on more than one platform as long as the requirements are met.  Each platform/operating system has its own unique set of requirements or terms of agreement to ensure quality control in the market place.  Click the names of each platform to visit each of the following desired pages and fill out all the information to fulfill the requirements.  Take note that some mobile platform/operating systems offer helpful information on their websites such as tutorials, blogs, tools, and other resources to assist app developers. 

App developers have several options when featuring their app in the market place. For example,  some developers may choose to sell their app for a set price while others choose to release their app free of charge.  Paid apps are typically sold for a one-time fee.  Most of the free apps will either feature embedded ads or offer allow players to use real money to buy in-game items.  Perform research on each of these methods for offering your game so that you will know which best suits you as a developer.  

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