Thursday, November 8, 2012

App Development Part 2

Software development kits (SDK) are specialized to allow for simplified app development.   SDKs integrate both the graphic interface and coding into the program.   The greatest advantage to using a SDK is the ability to create an app once for multiple platforms.  Some large companies take advantage of this approach in the instance where they require the graphic interface of an app to be identical across platforms.  (Picciotto, 2012).  Using SDK's for development can be beneficial in cases where time and money are factors for your development decision.  SDKs are capable of producing simple apps that require little to no knowledge of coding skills, however complex apps will require coding skills.  

Use of a one size fits all approach such as an SDK can have its drawbacks.   App users may experience conflict issues with software or hardware because the app was not developed using the native code.  The graphic interface integrated into the app might confuse the user.  (Vyas, 2012).  The app will have access to fewer specialized components of the device its used with. Consider custom tailoring your app for each platform to avoid encountering these issues.  Doing so will require more time, however the app will be a better quality product.  

Other Considerations When Designing your App:

  • Hardware limitations such as CPU power
  •  Screen size on devices
  •  Memory storage on mobile 
  • Battery life  
  •  Software limitations
  • Option of web-based app such as Flash vs HTML  5.   Flash and HTML5 may use less device storage, but requires a fast internet connection speed. 

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